Since his birth, ImaginArte has the clear objective of being a cultural space dedicated to teaching, exhibition and dissemination of art. A meeting place for artists, collectors, art lovers, -in their different disciplines- and open to the public to enjoy this activity that is so necessary for all of us to give meaning to our existence, given that we are all creators of our reality in one way or another and we express it in different ways, but always responding to that inner drive that leads us to express our feelings on a canvas, a sculpture, music, letters or simply the spoken expression shared with our fellow men.

We also believe that there is a need for a space of integration where emerging artists can show us their works and exhibit those works made in the intimacy of their own workshops; since, many times there are few places where they can make themselves known, and there are many difficulties they face when it comes to exhibiting their works with the assembly, quality, and curatorship that their works - made from the depths of their being - deserve; and that are available to an audience that is sometimes difficult to reach; from that intimacy in which the artist usually takes refuge to carry out his creative work.

From the beginning it was clear that ImaginArte would never be what it intended to be without the support of the true protagonists of the creative process. That's why the gallery permanently calls for artists to join what we decide to call the artists 365. It is through them that the whole initial project takes shape, to uniting art, artist, exhibition space, and public. Artists 365 are those who make their works with the purpose of being shown, exposed, because their intention is to reach an audience that can admire their work and possibly feel reflected in each of the works; identifying with the artist and his creative process.

Today there are many who accompany us in this project by exposing with us the 365 days a year in our gallery and continue to create new work in their personal spaces to renew the exhibitions monthly, showing their work and sharing with us their restless spirit that leads us all to continue working every day to achieve our dream, sharing activities, workshops, exhibitions, interviews and all action aimed at making art available to all people in a pleasant, informal, simple but with the dignity, rigor and seriousness that their work deserves, in an exhibition space at the height of the best art galleries available today.

Being artist 365 is to have a commitment to our work, to be aware of the need to expose and exhibit; and to have the conviction that art is not born to be hidden, enclosed, objectified or limited to certain exclusive circles or markets; but that art -as a form of human expression is for everyone and is an inner need of human beings and that it is necessary to share it and integrate it into society, being one of the firmest bases where to build a balanced community, where we all find our space, we can grow, cultivate ourselves and seek our welfare and happiness; enjoying our own creation and that of our colleagues, making this activity something to share with everyone who wants to join this project of personal, social and community development