The best option for your art to reach the whole world


What do you want to do with your creations? You can keep them or show them to the world...
Keep them? Better to expose them, right? What if you can expose them every day of the year? Here's an OPPORTUNITY...

You know how difficult it is to make your work known, how many requirements there are for exhibiting and the conditions that exist... So do we, that's why we don't do it!
In IMAGINARTE, you have a space to exhibit your work, share your career, make yourself known and show the world your creations. We want to see you grow with us by traveling the world with your work that's why you are not alone, in IMAGINARTE we accompany you in each of the steps you want to take while you dedicate your time and space to your true passion.

 Leave room in your mind for creation and forget about the problems that cause you so much time and trouble. Dedicate yourself to creation and let us take care of, transport, disseminate and market your work.

We know your value, and being an ARTIST365 allows you to ENJOY

  • Exhibit in Barcelona the 365 days a year.
  • Free access to all your exhibitions with guests or buyers (Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and 4:30pm to 8pm).
  • Personalized attention by our team.
  • Changes of works monthly and vernissage of inauguration.
  • Safe storage and protected of up to 16 works (Consult works size)
  • Profile on our website with your works and your career.
  • Access to the Imagine Catalogue for collectors and buyers.
  • Reviews and Dissemination on Social Networks.
  • Appraisal, sales and quality reproductions of your works.
  • Personalized advice for building register.
  • Curation and advice in your own exhibitions.
  • National and international exhibitions with a review of its own.
  • Certificates of participation in exhibitions.
  • Special discounts in exhibitions outside of Imagine.
  • Participation in competitions.
  • Framing and assembly of racks (Consult conditions).
  • Other services (creation of own website, valuation, video installation, collection and delivery of work).
And many other services that we will add, being an ARTIST365 implies giving us your trust and we will work for you.

There are already many Artists who are working on their works and growing; and we accompany them... meet them here: ARTISTS 365 by ImaginArte Gallery.

And if you have already stopped doubting and want to become an ARTIST365, contact us for this FORM and we'll speed up the whole process so that your work travels around the world without delay. What are you waiting for?

Date of the sample:
from 17 to 29 July 2020
Opening and vernissage:
July 17th at 7pm* (Maximum 30 people)
Deadline for sending the work:
July 13th
The assistance is FREE!

Exhibition fees:
- 15 Up to 30x40cm
- 20 ? higher measures
ImaginArte Gallery
(Dante Alighieri 157, 08032 - Barcelona)

From 10 am to 2 pm.
and from 16:30 to 20:30
* The opening is subject to the extraordinary security measures in force on the day of the exhibition and may undergo some changes. In the case of exceeding the limit of people allowed and to avoid crowding, we can access the exhibition in small groups of people. The exhibition can also be visited during the entire exhibition period.

Extended bases

The exhibition is convened according to the following rules:

All artists may participate, regardless of age, country or origin, as long as the modality is in accordance with the purpose of the exhibition.

The work must be of his exclusive property and have been made only by the author or present the certificate of ownership of the work.

Works must be submitted ready for exhibition and may be signed.

Works protected with glass will not be admitted (if strictly necessary, they will be protected with methacrylate).

All expenses derived from shipping and transportation of the work to the ImaginArte Gallery facilities, as well as its subsequent return to the author or participant will always be at the expense of the author or participant, and cannot be attributed, either partially or totally, to ImaginArte Gallery.

The insurance of the work during transport will be voluntary for each artist and entirely at his or her expense.

Being the shipment, return and all processes derived, the responsibility of the artist, ImaginArte Gallery will not be responsible in any case for loss, damage, loss, etc.. of the work presented.

If you are sending your work from outside the European Union, please find out about the relevant customs formalities according to your country of origin. For your convenience, please take into account the value you attribute to your work for the purposes of customs fees. Also, your package must be sent with the DDP (DeliveredDutyPaid) regime - delivery with expenses paid. Should customs payments be required, the gallery will not be responsible for them.

In case you send the documentation for return of the work, inform the organization and send it attached to the work and not to the box, and with a copy by e-mail. For your safety and the safety of the work, you can get more information on this subject by contacting us on +34 693 53 21 37 or by e-mail to

Selected authors who wish to do so will be included for free in the Imaginarte artist platform.

All times and dates mentioned in these rules are considered as "local" in Barcelona, Spain.

All the information regarding the registration to the event, the artist and the technical card of the work, will be sent correct, complete and revised through the online registration form that can be accessed by clicking on the registration button below (or by accessing it through this link): APPLICATION FORM).

Participation in the event implies full acceptance and compliance with the provisions of both these rules, and the criteria of the organizers.

The gallery reserves the right to take initiatives that are not reflected in the bases, as long as they contribute to the best development of the exhibition and do not substantially affect the essence of the show.

Do you have any questions?

The gallery reserves the right to take initiatives that are not reflected in the bases, as long as they contribute to the best development of the exhibition and do not substantially affect the essence of the show.

Business hours

Monday to Friday from 10 to 14
and from 17 to 20hs.
Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.


Dante Alighieri 157 (08032) Barcelona


+ 34 693 53 21 37

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