Roberto Tolsá

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From a very early age, he became obsessed with light and contrasts. Attending from a very young age to art schools and Graduate in Graphic Design in Valencia, he studied and professionalized his work by the hand of D. Josep Micó. He learns theory of colour, its mixtures and expression through them. There is something of Alvaro Castagnet in his work. He has taken part in several national and international exhibitions in different galleries with prestigious artists.
Walking, chasing the light, living every moment. It is not his curriculum vitae, it is the outline of his history to the point of adopting as his material to transcend and communicate, watercolors and mixed techniques. He possesses a varied library of images, transforming those records into works that with firm and spontaneous strokes show us his vision of things and that transmit the feeling of the everyday recreating itself in detail, where it is visualized, its order and search in long hours of contemplation.
Ciutadella Menorca - 42x30cm - Acuarela y tinta china

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