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Art for all

We are a Creative Space located in Barcelona, available to the public, where exhibitions, workshops, among many other artistic and cultural projects are carried out.


Who we are

Founded by the plastic artist Victoria De La Serna, ImaginArte is a gallery that was born from the idea of creating a meeting place for collectors and artists, both emerging and established national and international. 

In our 150 square meters you can find Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Photography as well as pictorial works of different artistic currents -mainly modern and contemporary art- but without excluding classical art works, nor their most current demonstrations. That is why in ImaginArte you can find work by famous artists such as Dalí, Miró or Sorolla, accompanying current and recent works by emerging artists of the most diverse styles.

Our objectives

Art for All

Anyone can enjoy art. To see, learn, know and create art through all kinds of artistic activities.


We work every day for integration through art. Our gallery is free and open to the public, and we have workshops for children and adults.

Supporting emerging artists

We support new emerging artists in their personal and professional growth, accompanying them in their careers and organizing exhibitions worldwide that strengthen their careers.


To change the current trend in art and to allow greater accessibility to the works and their creators in a more participatory way, we provide an open space in which artists and public can approach each other.

Why choose us


We will work with you to find solutions so that you leave satisfied and satisfied.


We put all our knowledge and means into promoting the work of emerging artists, constantly accompanying them on their path to professionalism.


We will find personalized and suitable solutions, adapted exclusively for you, whether you are a client, an artist, a collector, a creator or a visitor.


Our specialized team works with love and commitment taking care of all the details in the quality of the services we offer.


Conservation and restoration of ancient paintings.
and appraisal
Research, certification, valuation of works of art

Location and sale of antique, modern and contemporary classical works.


Whether you are a collector, investor, manager, decorator or simply a passionate person.


Individual and collective national and international events and exhibitions.


We manage and organize everything necessary so that your art can reach the most renowned international or national fairs.

Artists who joined ImaginArte

Manuel Grau-Carod

"A painting requires mystery, some inaccuracies and fantasies.

This experienced drawer of more than one book is capable of capturing in a few lines and colors an image that transmits emotions from all angles.

Parque de les aigües - 25x36cm - Acuarela sobre Papel Canson 300gr (2018)

Uriel Cruz Roque

"My relationship with art begins with my people and my grandfather who, from the beginning, was dedicated to the making of Mexican Alebrije."

With many concerns and in constant growth and evolution, this artist considers that within his work he has to take up
3 elements that are indispensable and recurrent for him: the figurative aspect, the re-signification and the humor in its different levels.

Termitrina - 60x80cm - Acrílico sobre Lienzo

Diego Alexandre Asi

“A mí me gustan varias expresiones del Arte, pero sin duda uno de los estilos que más me identifica, es el Arte MADÍ, pues siento reflejado en él la descontractura, el salirme de lo establecido, el no estar sujeto a normas convencionales.”

Esta propuesta de creación e invención busca liberar la creación artística de las limitaciones externas a la obra misma y expandir ilimitadamente todas las posibilidades que derivan de la continuidad de la obra de arte en si misma.

AM56 - Pintura Acrílica sobre Cartón y Madera - 70 x 56

Ángela Rocío Hernández

"The road isn't over yet, but you can put flags of triumph on it."

Artist creator since her youth of the "Suké Universe" that permeates and gives meaning to all her work. Her images transport us to fantastic worlds full of allegories and symbolisms that reflect all the mysticism of the Oaxacan culture.

Suke Posada - 50 x 70 cm. - Acrílico sobre lienzo

for artists

You can currently join the following calls:
(LIMITED seating)
  • 365 days continuous exposure
  • Changes of work monthly
  • Catalogues deluxe
  • Monthly openings with live music and cocktail
  • Works deposit
  • Review and dissemination networked
  • Profile on our website
  • Advice customised
  • Exhibitions national and international
  • Open call
  • Group exhibition in Paris
  • Sizes up to 90 cm
  • Temática y técnica libres
  • Transport included
  • Certificate of participation
  • Transmisión en directo
  • Networking
  • Individual promotion
"Un Puente sobre el Atlántico" OAXACA - México
  • Open call
  • Medidas hasta 100x100 cm
  • Temática y Temática Libre
  • Transport included
  • Certificate of participation
  • Catálogo en video y PDF
  • Networking
  • Individual promotion
  • Live Inauguration


Testimonio 0
A few months ago, I went to ImaginArte for the first time, to see the work of a visual artist friend, Miguel Santos. I really didn't know what I was going to find, however, when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised. We found ourselves with an exhibition opening that they had open to the public. A marvel in terms of quality and variety of works. Besides the fascinating thing of finding the same artists presenting their works!
There I met Uriel Roque and his work, which left me impressed by his style, level, strength and his artistic presence. We could not resist acquiring one of his works, which we treasure for all that it means to its author and which I explain to us.
We hope to continue enjoying live performances and human quality by your staff.
Thank you ImagineArte!
Testimonio 1
ImaginArte is an interesting site for all audiences, which promotes culture and stimulates the imagination and appreciation of the public.
I think it's very good. Congratulations! Receive an affectionate greeting from MEXICO!
Martin Jimenez
Testimonio 2
Artistic quality and good work make this gallery a reference in Barcelona. Nobody offers more than those who make up a whole team of professionals at the service of the artist and to promote their works always with the utmost rigor and transparency.
Francis Bausan
Testimonio 3
A professional team! An innovative space!
Delia Martin
Testimonio 4
Art space where you can exhibit and learn to paint, introducing you to the world of art and painting.
Roberto Tolsá Gil
Testimonio 5
A great space. A very professional team that takes care of the details of each work of art.
María Victoria is a real artist and she is great at teaching, she knows a lot of technique that she transmits from her heart.
Bonyak Samy
Testimonio 6
A very professional place with good people.
Silvana Colli
Testimonio 7
Excellent treatment, beautiful premises and works of artistic diversity. Good prices within reach of all pockets.
Sara Sebastian
Testimonio 8
A magical place, where all the painters who exhibit are very nice and their works are to be seen.
Congratulations on the organization.
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